Nathan Gray: Die Tour ist abgesagt!

Es war zu erwarten. Nach der Verlegung der bereits gestrichenen Shows von BOYSETSFIRE-Frontmann Nathan Gray in UK, Belgien und den Niederlanden nach Deutschland war die Freude zwar zunächst groß, durch die zunehmend eskalierende Corona-Lage in hiesigen Gefilden schien eine zumindest teilweise Absage aber zunehmend wahrscheinlich.

Nun also der Totalausfall: Die Tour ist komplett gestoppt.

Grays Statement dazu liest sich wie folgt:

„Friends, it is with a broken heart to share with you today that we have to cancel my European tour for this December. This is absolutely not a call we wanted to make, but due to the current state of rising Covid cases, the decision is out of our hands as many of the venues have moved to close their doors until things stabilize again. I apologize for posting recently that the tour was 100 percent going to happen. At the time, I was fully under the impression that it was. Plane tickets were purchased, Setlists were made, and my dear friends playing in this incarnation of the iron roses had put so much time into practicing the songs before my arrival. ⁣

I know how much we all needed this, and can promise that the day will come when we can stand together in a space of joy and celebration. Until then – do not give up. Please, encourage your friends and family members to take this virus more seriously. Get vaccinated, get tested, and protect each other. This is not a battle just a handful of us can take on alone – it requires us ALL to work together. I believe in us, and I believe in the power of community. ⁣

Tickets can be returned at point of purchase for a refund. I will not have you hang on to them with promises of rescheduled dates, as I respect your time too much. I will only announce further dates when I am certain they will happen. ⁣

In the meantime, my team and I are coordinating a live-streamed acoustic show so that you still have the opportunity to hear a version of the set I so carefully crafted for you. More news about that to come in the days ahead. ⁣

For now, know that this is an announcement that is heavy on my heart. But also know that I love you, and I will see you again soon. I am so thankful for the support, love, and understanding you have all gifted me during this difficult time.“

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