Interview mit Unearth (November 2004)

unearth-bandWhat can you tell us about the history of UNEARTH and its members?

Well, the band formed in ’98 and released the „Above the Fall of Man“ EP soon after. Later in 2001, „The Stings of Conscience“ was released on Eulogy Records. I joined the band soon after that. And then, in 2002, the „Endless“ EP was released on Eulogy. Mike Justian joined us on drums this year before releasing „The Oncoming Storm“ on Metal Blade.

You recently released your second full length, which is called „The Oncoming Storm“. What can you tell us about the working process on this album?

Well we wrote a lot of material over the course of the last year, and put it all together in a couple months before we hit the studio with Adam D of Killswitch who produced the album.

The limited first edition of „The Oncoming Storm“ includes a bonus DVD. What can you tell us about the DVD features?

Not much, haha, I don’t even have it. I imagine it is the same DVD that we released in the US. If so, it is a show on Long Island, New York that we filmed. The footage for „Black Hearts Now Reign“ later became our first video on MTV2.

Many journalists wrote that „The Oncoming Storm“ would be UNEARTH’s breakthrough album. What do you think about statements like that?

Well, haha, I hope they are right…. it is great that they are saying things of this nature, but if they are wrong then there will be a lot of disappointed listeners.

How important is success for you?

The success is not so important… it is the attempt at success that I value most, even if nothing great happens, we did our best.

What were the reasons for leaving Eulogy Records, which released your first album „The Stings Of Conscience“ and the „Endless“-EP? How came the contact with the German label Metal Blade Records?

We left Eulogy because we needed help from a label with a bigger push. We had been talking with the US Metal Blade office for some time and we became really great friends with the fellas at Metal Blade…. in the end we felt really good about joining the label.

Compared to your first outputs, in which way would you describe UNEARTH’s musical developments on „The Oncoming Storm“?

I think that this album is our first complete thought as a band. This album was written and put together with much more maturity than the music of our past. The dynamics of the album stand out much more.

How would you describe the stylistic direction of UNEARTH?

Melodic and technical metal, coupled with heavy hardcore breakdowns, and mature song structure.

Now the frequently asked question after influences in your music. What inspires you? Which bands are your idols?

I’ve always seen us as a IRON MAIDEN, INFLAMES, HATEBREED mix. Our influences are much more than that however. I’m a prog-rock guy myself, I listen to a lot of old QUEENSRYCHE and RUSH, but I love bands like CROWBAR, among others.

Most of your songs are dealing with political motivated topics. Do you think such a brutal fusion of modern Hardcore and consistence lyrics forces the people rather with its pure presence and raw power to think about the mischief in the world?

Well I think a lot of the kids are more apt to hear what we are really saying because of the abrasiveness of our music…. I don’t think that they would take us a seriously if we whispered our message.

Where does the content of your songs originate from?

Mmmmm…inside….we all write and we all structure our music… UNEARTH is a product of countless writing and rewriting of each others music.

In times like these it seems to be very easy to stand for political ideas. How do you judge this development? Does it raise the whole independent music sector onto a higher level of meaning or is it just reopened terrain for some bands to give themselves a personal image or even only follow the common voices and behaviour?

Wow, what a great question! Every election year it seems that any celeb or musician wants to voice an opinion for or against a politician or the gov’t in general…I think we all have seen enough “rock the vote” commercials…. in truth I think there always has been a higher level of meaning, it is just not always recognized. I’m not trying to put down anybody that wants to stand behind something, I’m just saying don’t stand behind.

How were the reactions and on „The Oncoming Storm“ so far?

The reactions so far have been amazing. I remember the days of making gas money at a show and selling a t-shirt to your best friend for half price… looking back I must say that I am relieved.

You will join the line up of this years „Eastpack Resistance Tour“ and share the stages with bands like SICK OF IT ALL, 7 SECONDS, THE BONES and WALLS OF JERICHO. What do you expect from this journey, which will bring you to different European countries and in front of many different crowds?

It is a great opportunity for us to get back to Europe and play with some great hardcore bands and play for a lot of people. I can’t say that I expect anything. I hope that people will give us a listen and I hope they dig it.

What comes after the „Resistance Tour“ for UNEARTH? Do you have concrete plans for the near future?

We will headline the US just before the tour, after the tour we will go home and take December off from touring.

Any last words?

Thanks for taking some time to talk to us, see you on the road!

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