Interview mit The Sloths (Juli 2018)

First of all: How does it feel to be „Back From the Grave“?

M. Rummans: We’re used to it now, but at first, it was quite a shock!

Have you ever dreamed about a reunion of THE SLOTHS before Jeff Briskin contacted you back in 2011?

M. Rummans: Not in a million years.

How came the resurrection of the band after nearly five decades of hiatus – and how hard was it to find adequate replacements for the original members?

M. Rummans: Jeff and Tom had been jamming in a friend’s garage and they invited me down one day. When I heard Jeff and Tom, I immediately realized that I could put together a great garage band with them. Finding a drummer & second guitar player was no problem, as I have stayed in music all these years.

When you started THE SLOTHS in 1964, what was your primary aim – and how did the five founding members came together?

M. Rummans: We were all high school friends with a common dream and we REALLY thought we were going to be BIG.

How do you remember the atmosphere and overall social climate in Los Angeles during that era?

M. Rummans: It was the mid-sixties. You know, British invasion, peace and love, flower power, anti-war, free love counterculture.

How would you describe your status in the Californian Rock scene back then?

M. Rummans: We were well known among the locals on the Sunset Strip, but literally unknown outside of that.

You shared the stage with bands like THE DOORS and THE SEEDS. How have you experienced later icons like Jim Morrison?

M. Rummans: I heard THE DOORS only once. It was before they broke big, playing a little club on the Strip called the Sea Witch. The joint didn’t even have a stage and they were set up on the floor. Jim was singing „The End“ to a handful of people…

How came the recording of your first – and only – single „Makin‘ Love“ in 1965?

M. Rummans: We packed up Jeff’s Chevy station wagon and drove around Hollywood knocking on doors, because we didn’t know any better. Finally, the Jones brothers from Impression Records invited us in to see what we sounded like. I guess they liked what they heard, because they recorded „Makin’ Love“ and released it on 45.

In 2015, fifty years after the release of „Makin‘ Love“ you presented your debut full length „Back From the Grave“. What can you tell about the production process of the record?

M. Rummans: We recorded the basic tracks at Lolipop Studios on 8 track analog, transferred and completed them on digital.

How have the reactions on „Back From the Grave“ – and your comeback in general – been?

M. Rummans: Generally, well received. We’ve gotten a lot of support and encouragement as well.

Since „Back From the Grave“ was recently re-released by Eternal Sound Records, do you have plans for further touring – maybe even in Europe?

M. Rummans: Exactly! That is our dream and goal right now, especially Europe.

What are THE SLOTHS‘ plans for the near future?

M. Rummans: Besides touring, to finish writing and recording more of our new songs and to make another video.

Anything you would like to add?

M. Rummans: Das Leben ist kurz. Die Kunst ist ewig.

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