Interview mit The Lulabelles (März 2005)

the-lulabelles-bandFirst of all, tell us something about THE LULABELLES. Who plays in the band and when was it founded?

Marjolijn: We started in December 1998. Back then it was an all girl band, till 2001. The line up is: Anne – Guitar, Anne – Bass and backing vocals, Simon – Drums, Marjolijn – Guitar and vocals.

You recently supported THE DONNAS in Germany and the Netherlands. Which impressions could you get from that trip?

Marjolijn: It was amazing. We were not used to play in venues that size! So many people, and the reactions of the audience were awesome as well. So supportive towards us!!! It was great…. Everything is just going really fast right now and we all like it!!!

Your bass player Ann Artistic had to be replaced before you started off hitting the roads. What happened to her and who was the substitute?

Marjolijn: She had to take care of some personal stuff so Mark from MALKOVICH had to replace her for those shows. But it was great having Mark with us, cause he is a great friend of ours.

How were the reactions of the different audiences, especially related to the songs of your record „As the World Turns”?

Marjolijn: Better then we had hoped for! The audience really liked it! People were dancing and stuff like that. And after the show they came up to us, telling us that they really liked it and that they were hoping that we would be coming back soon!

Do you have concrete plans for a headliner tour this year?

Marjolijn: We haven’t been thinking about that yet, cause we are too busy with our shows in Tokyo. But after we come back we are definately are gonna think about it. But it is all so weird cause things are going so fast right now and i don’t think that we aren’t that big to do a headlining tour right now…

I read that you played a show in Tokyo with JUDASVILLE. What is to say about this journey?

Marjolijn: We are actually leaving tomorrow to Japan! I don’t know what to say about that. It is really really awesome but scary, cause we have never been there. And you never know how the audience is gonna react. We just have to wait and see!!! But we are really looking forward to it!

the-lulabelles-as-the-world-turnsWhat can you tell us about your debut album „As the World Turns” and the working process on this output?

Marjolijn: We are really proud that we have recorded such a CD. We all think it is really good, especially for a first album. It took us a while cause most of the songs weren’t finished when we hit the studio. And the co-operation between us and the producer was really good! He did a great job as well during the process of the album.

Which bands or artists have inspired you throughout the work on „As the World Turns”, as well as generally related to THE LULABELLES?

Marjolijn: All kinds, cause we have a couple of country influences in songs and garage rock and roll, and surf kinda sound. So it is a mix of everything. But bands like FACE TO FACE, DESCENDENTS, IRON MAIDEN and BEACH BOYS.

And in relation to this, how would you describe your music?

Marjolijn: Poppy Punkrock.

How were the reactions on „As the World Turns” so far ?

Marjolijn: Pretty good. But most people compare it to the RAMONES, even though we think it isn’t.

How hard is it to follow a regular life with job and family in this period of permanent growing attention?

Marjolijn: It can be stressfull, cause everyone is working full-time. But till now, everything works out well.

Is your percussionist really speechless or is his to job just to shut his mouth and drum?

Marjolijn: He is really speechless, he doesn’t say much. And maybe it is better, cause there are 3 girls in the band and that’s hard enough hahaha 😉 just kidding. He is just speechless.

What are your plans for the near future?

Marjolijn: Playing a lot and making new songs! Hopefully we can do some more tours.

Any last words you would like to spread?

Marjolijn: Check out and

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