SNFU: Es wird still

SNFU haben sämtliche Aktivitäten (und damit auch die Europa-Visite) für dieses Jahr abgesagt. Das hat der kanadische Punk-Klassiker via Facebook verlautet. Dass es mit dem Gesundheitszustand ihres Frontmanns Mr. Chi Pig zu tun hat, ist wahrscheinlich, wird bis dato aber nicht bestätigt.

Das Statement der Band im Wortlaut:

„It is with great sadness and regret that due to a Black Cloud of Misfortune, SNFU will be Limping Away from all live performances in 2018.

Eric’s Had A Bad Day, has a Broken Toy, and is on the verge of being a Loser At Life, and is perhaps Seven Minutes Closer To Death. So SNFU will spend the rest of this year Straightening Out The Shelves (Of Our Minds) so we can return to the Wild World.

This is A Painful Reminder that Reality Is (more than) A Ride On The Bus, but do not shed Tears as we will endure to make sure our Lovely Little Frankenstein will keep Trudging on to A Better Place.

When we get a Big Thumbs up we will hit The Happy Switch and go on a Joyride with a real possibility of a Tour Tantrum.

This Is (not) The End.

This Is (not) A Goodbye.

So Don’t Have The Cow because we’ll be back for at least One Last Loveshove.

Until then, we love you all (except that one guy).“

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