Interview mit Useless ID (März 2009)

useless-id-bandHi Guys, how are you? What are you doing at the moment?

We’re doing fine! I have a day off work, I’m checking e-mails right now, hehe.

Please give us a short introduction of USELESS ID.

The band started in 1994 in Haifa Israel, we have been touring all over the world, putting out many releases and most of the time have been fighting the good fight.

Last December you released your latest album „The Lost Broken Bones”. What can you tell us about the recording process, especially compared to your previous records?

It was quite more like doing the album that came before the new one, and less like the very first one we did, which means, we tuned our shit well and gave much thought to every little detail, which is kind of a progression when you compare it to the old stuff.

I often read – and wrote it in my review myself – that „The Lost Broken Bones” sounds a little bit like NO USE FOR A NAME. Primarily some singing parts sound like the voice of Tony Sly. What do you think about the sound of the new record and such comparisons?

We love NO USE FOR A NAME, they are good friends of ours and they have been doing this for years before we have. I think that there is a similar scene that we are both coming from but at the same time, we are very different at some other aspects, and at the same time, people that write reviews are not fans of the band (at most of the times) and have to go through a ton of music that they don’t really care for, so we’re not very minded to what they are saying, while we are VERY minded to what the actual fans of the band / the scene is thinking.

In my opinion „The Lost Broken Bones” is the USELESS ID record with the biggest hit potential. How would you describe the development of USELESS ID over the years?

Well, thank you, I guess. We don’t try to write hits, really, though for us it has always been about making a great album and not just have 3-4 singles with a bunch of bad songs after them. So at this point I’m just happy that we have the most dynamic album of our career and I hope that people like ALL of the songs of it, not just the „main“ songs.

You recorded the album with  the legendary Bill Stevenson in his Blasting Room. What can you tell us about working with Bill? I often heard that he is an amazing producer with good ideas and the right feeling for a good sound.

Yeah, it was awesome. Bill and Jason and everyone else at the Blasting Room are like family for us. We love these guys and their work on the album is as important for us as anything that is on it.

In which way had he an influence on the outcome of „The Lost Broken Bones”?

From the start to the end, there was a large input that those guys had on the album. It’s like 50% of the arrangement, the sound and the energy, being guided by the Blasting Room people.

You were born in Israel. What do you think about the current situation there? Is there generally a chance for peace? 

I don’t think that we’re at a point where you can hope for peace here. I hope that it will happen at some point, but I won’t lie and say that I’m optimistic to a point that I will live to see it happens.

What are your plans for the near future? Do you have any plans for touring in Europe?

Yes, touring is all we want to be doing in the future, so I hope that we will be doing much of that in the next year!

Thanks a lot for the interview.

Thanks so much for the interview, USELESS ID!

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