Interview mit Strung Out (April 2002)

strung-out-band-2002First of all congratulations to your 10th anniversary. You’re in buisness for a whole decade, so in which way do you think the music industry has changed during that long time, especially regarded under a commercial aspect?

Thanks, it’s gone by really fast. It seems like the bands who stayed true to themselves have been able to survive through all the scene changes. However these days it seems like there’s to many bands doing the same thing.

Your last record „Twisted By Design“ has been released almost 4 years ago, so you had plenty of time for planning your recent output „An American paradox“. To what extend does your new album differ from older realeses?

I think it covers everything STRUNG OUT has done over the last few albums, but also gives you something new. I think it’s our best songs.

It seems to me that „An American Paradox“ is not as gloomy as your last EP „The Elements of Sonic Defiance“. Although there are rough passages on the new record, I have the impression that you put much more emphasis on melodic parts and easily remembered refrains. So the style of the entire album seems to be more mature. What is your opinion on that?

We just wrote what came out of us. We never try to recycle what we’ve already done. We like to challenge ourselves.

Did the last year’s tragedy of September 11th influence your work on the new record or even let you change something on the concept of the album? In what way did the events affect you at all?

Not really, the songs were all written before the 11th. It’s made us all sad, but strong.

Last year you were on tour in Europe with STRAIGHT FACED. How did you experience this tour and the European audience? I wonder if you’re planning to come back to Germany this year to present the new stuff live?

That tour was a lot of fun. STRAIGHT FACED are one of our favorite bands so it was a lot of fun having them out with us. We’re hopeing to come back soon, hopefully sometime this Fall.

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