Interview mit No Use For a Name (Juni 2002)

Anlässlich ihres neuen Albums „Hard Rock Bottom“ hatten wir die Möglichkeit mit David Nessie von NO USE FOR A NAME ein kurzes Interview per E-Mail zu führen.

I realized quite a few musical changes in your last albums, especially the change from „Making Friends“ to „More Betterness“ was quite enormous. But I don’t feel that your new album „Hard Rock Bottom“ differs very much from „More Betterness“. What is your opinion on that?

I think that this record takes the best qualities from the past albums and shows the growth of the band. „More Betterness“ introduced a different element of the bands songwriting and maturity and I personally we feel that this one takes it to the next level.

Have you, before beginning the work on your new album, ever thought about changing the label or do such considerations have no relevance for you?

We are so happy with Fat Wreck that I could never think of wanting to go anywhere else. We have no desire to leave at all.

How came you recorded the Shinead O’Connor Cover „This is a rebel song“ and who is the female voice? You have already had a duet with TILT singer Cinder Block on your last album haven’t you?

That is Karina from the DANCE HALL CRASHERS and I think that having a strong duet like that really is a nice way to break up the intensity of the album.

Being present in the show biz for almost 15 years now, don’t you start thinking about what comes after NO USE FOR A NAME? Have you already made any plans or is that not of such importance for you so far?

This job is full time and we still have are best years ahead of us. Don’t you think or do you feel differently? I think our work will always continue to improve.

I wonder if you are still in contact with your former guitarist Chris Shiflett?

Yes we are all still good friends and he comes to the shows every so often and gets up and plays with us it is always a lot of fun.

Recently FAT WRECK has taken actions so that the songs of your new album couldn’t get published on Audio Galaxy. Was that your decision or do these objections came from FAT WRECK?

There is no way to avoid the internet I think it helps and hurts us it just sucks when it comes out 2 months before the release of the album that’s all.

Actually you should have played at this year’s DECONSTRUCTION TOUR. Why haven’t you? Did you work longer on your album than expected?

We are going to be their at the end of summer and it just worked out better for us to wait until then. Some of us had family obligations at that time as well so we felt just wait a couple of months. I promise we will be their a lot on this record.

You will return to Europe in fall or winter. Have you already made specific plans for which band you want to have there with you?

We are doing some festivals and club dates with whom I do not know at this time.

Will you publish a single or video for your new album?

We will release the song „Dumb Reminders“ as our first single and yes we did a video for it as well. Hopefully you will be seeing it soon so call in and request it I think people will enjoy it.

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