Interview mit I Am the Avalanche (April 2014)

i-am-the-avalanche-bandHey Vinnie, how are you doing after the release of your long awaited third record „Wolverines“?

Vinnie: These are very exciting times. People are very excited about the record and shows are going great!

Not long ago Michael and Kellen left the band. Are there steady replacements to announce yet – especially regarding the immense tour program that lies ahead of you?

Vinnie: John Oliva from Queens, New York is now our permanent bass player and Cordero Perez has been playing with us, but has not yet officially joined the band. The transition has been very easy.

One of the highlights surely will be your attendance at Groezrock 2014. Do you prefer the private atmosphere of small clubs or the huge panorama of outdoor festivals?

Vinnie: We seem to thrive more in a club setting, but Groezrock is kind of an exception to that. It’s a fantastic festival and a lot of our friends are playing as well. It will be a crazy show.

But let’s get back to your new record. Where do you see the biggest differences between „Wolverines“ and your second album „Avalanche United“?

Vinnie: Wolverines has a much better vocal performance, better production, better song writing and is much more thought out. We took everything we achieved on „Avalanche United“, and made it better.

What are your lyrics on „Wolverines“ dealing with?

Vinnie: A lot of family, friends, hope, overcoming obstacles, and growing up.

i-am-the-avalanche-wolverinesYou recently presented a video clip for the song „The Shape I’m In“. Do you feel obliged to shoot videos in order to promote your records or is it just fun to add visual components to certain songs?

Vinnie: It’s fun for us to do and it’s rad for our fans to see that side of us. We filmed that near our homes and it’s all very organic. We like to make art in all forms.

It seems like critics all around the globe are searching for superlatives to describe „Wolverines“. Were you taken by surprise by this overwhelming positive reactions?

Vinnie: I wasn’t!!! Without seeming over-confident, this is the way I pictured it would go. I knew we had a very strong record and I kinda knew the world would love it. I’m so glad everyone has shown so much support. It’s very special.

In general, are critics’ opinions of any meaning to you?

Vinnie: I’ll admit, it’s nice to read nice things about your band and feel validated. But the true test is in a show setting. Do these songs work live? And it’s been really nice to see they do.

Besides extensive touring, what comes next for I AM THE AVALANCHE?

Vinnie: You said it. So many tours. We are working on more videos too. I’m going to start writing for the next record soon too, just to get a head start.

Any last words you would like to spread?

Vinnie: Thank you all for your support. I love you.

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