Interview mit Go Betty Go (September 2005)

For starters, please tell us something about the people behind GO BETTY GO and the band itself.

We’re a 4 piece all girl Pop-Punk band from California. I {Nicolette} am 23, the youngest. I’m the leadsinger front person in the band. Then theirs Betty also 23. Betty plays the guitar and lets us practice at her house. Michelle is 24 and she plays the bass. She’s the more quiet one out of the four. Aixa {my sister} is 25 and she plays the drums. She’s the leader of the band. We are signed to “SideOneDummy” who also have MXPX, FLOGGING MOLLY, MIGHTY MIGHTY BOSSTONES, GOGOL BORDELO, BEDOUIN SOUNDCLASH, THE CASUALTIES and many more. (Nicolette)

Why did you call the Band GO BETTY GO? Is there a spectacular story regarding your band member Betty?

Not really, its just something we found ourselves saying a lot to Betty. It’s what we say to get her to start a song. We liked the sound of it so we kept it. (Nicolette)

Girl or female Punkrock is nothing new but personally I never heard from a latin female Punkrock band. Could do describe your way into the Punkrock genre?

Well we’re all of Latin descent and we live in Los Angeles a city where punk rock is still alive and well. Naturally the 2 just came together and it worked for us. It’s just who we are and there is nothing around it. (Aixa)

Your first record came out on „SideOneDummy“. How came the cooperation?

“SideOneDummy” came around for us almost 3 years ago. We were playing a show with MAXEEN on a “SideOneDummy” showcase that we happened to fall into. Joe Sib (one of the “SideOne” owners) was there and he instantly wanted to sign us. We were very hesitant at first because Joe came off as a very strong and pursuing person. He actually kind of scared us off at first, we laugh about it together now. Now we know him well and both him and Bill (other “SideOne” owner) have very big hearts. (Aixa)

What bands inspire you and your music?

I don’t think we sound like them but a band that I look up to a lot is PULP. They write great lyrics and their song writing style is very inspirational to me. (Nicolette)

Your lyrics are very emotional. Are they all based on personal experiences?

Most of them are but I have a wild imagination and its fun to exagerate a little. On the new album I wrote songs from the point of view of other people as much as my own. (Nicolette)

You played the „Warped Tour“ this summer. What are your impressions of that big show event?

The “Warped Tour” is an amazing tour to be on. It opens so many doors to both new and old bands. There are so many bands, sponsors and most importantly kids who actually care about the music. It’s not an easy tour because of the long hours, the heat and the crazy overnight drives (sometimes up to 12 hours a night). (Aixa)

What are your expectations after the Release of “Nothing is more”?

Hopefully great! We worked so hard on this album and we’re very proud of it. We can’t wait for all fans to hear it and gives us their thoughts and get back on the road to promote it. Maybe we’ll even get to go to Europe and/or Japan!! (Michelle)

One of my favourite songs of your album is „The Pirate Song“ which you recorded with James Fearnley (POGUES) and Ted Hutt (FLOGGING MOLLY). How did it come to this co-operation?

When we were finishing writing this song we thought that it would sound cool if we added an accordion and Ted Hutt made a few phone calls and got in touch with James. He was very nice. He came in and listened to the song maybe twice and went in and started recording. And then Ted recorded the banjo once the song was recorded. Both those instruments added so much to the song. We’re so happy with the way the song turned out. (Michelle)

Ted Hutt also produced “Nothing is more”. Could you learn a lot from him during the working process?

One thing that I learned fromTed Hutt is, Never stop at where you feel comfortable! He pushed us on every idea until we made it better and better each time. He isn’t easily satisfied and sometimes that works out for the best, ‚cause at the end … The results are awesome. Because of the way he works, I feel we made a great record. Only because there is so much heart put into it. (Betty)

What is your connection to latin music? You integrated certain style elements in your new songs.

Some of us are a little more than others. Since we all grew up in LA we always heard a little of both kinds of music (Anglo & Latin). It’s only natural that we could bring that element into our music and we’re happy to do so. (Aixa)

I read that you support the animal rights organization Peta. How long and in which way do you support them?

Aixa, Nicolette, and myself are vegetarians. Peta got in touch with us last “Warped” and interviewed Aixa and myself about being vegetarians. I think it’s great that they’re spreading awareness and opening peoples minds on being cruelty-free. (Michelle)

What comes next for you? Touring, Holidays….?

For the next few months we’ll be touring up and down the West Coast, reminding people once again who we are. Hopefully this year, we can spend Thanksgiving with our families. Other than that, we’ll soon begin writing the 2nd album. Yay! (Betty)

Thank you very much for answering my questions. I hope to see you soon in Germany. Any last words?

Thanks so much Germany! We hope to see you guys soon and be sure to look out for our new record „Nothing is More“. (Aixa)

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