Interview mit Consumed (Februar 2002)

For starters, not an original one, but please tell us something about the band’s history.

Wes: Oooh, the old band history thing, eh? Okay. The band formed about nine years ago with Chris and Steve being the only original members left, got signed to Fat Wreck after Mike heard the „Breakfast at Pappa’s“ demo and right now we’re busy writing new songs and rehearsing.

In Germany you made yourself rare after the „Fat Package“ tour in 1999. What happened afterwards?

Wes: We’ve been playing many gigs since you saw CONSUMED in 1999, we went to the USA as part of the „Fat Package“ tour, had a bit of a line-up change again which meant lots more rehearsing, went to Canada for a little tour, and have been playing around the UK pretty much every week since. We’ve not had a new CD out in a while so we’ve not been over to mainland Europe, maybe that’s why.

What can we expect from you for the year 2002, especially with regards to the new album?

Wes: As far as 2002 goes we’ll be playing lots of UK shows as ever, writing more for the new record (we already have 12 great songs) and trying to get on as support band for some bigger bands so we can make it over to the mainland again. We’re not a big enough band to be able to tour on our own and it seems we very rarely (despite lots of begging and pleading) get invited to play with any of the other bands that make it over there. I think it’s probably because we don’t have managers and booking agents and „street teams“ and various people pushing us into people’s faces. We just get passed over!

But we’ll be trying to change that fact over the coming year!

Thanks for the questions.

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