Interview mit Brutality Will Prevail (September 2019)

Copyright: Marcus Cazenave

Let’s begin with a political question: Is the current Brexit dilemma an indicator for the danger of modern political populism? 

Marc: I don’t think it’ll get to that extreme as now more than ever people are staunch in their beliefs and are louder than ever and make sure it’s known they are not being spoken for but for sure it’s pure insanity at the moment. Politics in general are in shambles currently and it’s truly hard to see where this is all going to go. 

You’re presenting your very own definition of Metal influenced Hardcore for almost 15 years now. In what way has your sound evolved over the years?

Marc: I feel our sound has stayed in the same lane for most of our discography and the writing process is always the same, but each record we let more and more different sounds in from a wider variety of influences. On „Misery Sequence“ especially we embraced any sound or idea that we came up with or was thrown at us and made sure to take our time and try everything. We were pleasantly surprised to say the least.

On „Misery Sequence“ you’re mixing Hardcore and Metal with elements of Sludge and Doom. What can you tell about the writing and recording process of the album?   

Marc: Generally myself and Nick do most of the writing together just because it’s always seemed to work really well and we understand the stupid ways we describe things when others find it weird and confusing…. But it always works so we get the basis down and take it to the rest of the band and more ideas etc. get thrown around until we are fully happy with the finished piece.

The recording process is pretty standard for the most part, but Tim Vincent, who we also worked with on „In Dark Places“, works perfectly with us. It’s a great balance of being firm but also being open to hear everyone’s ideas and opinions. We do a majority of effects, leads and crazy stuff as part of the recording process so that’s always a big part and Tim knows his stuff. I’d find it hard to go to any other after working with him. If you haven’t heard his name yet seriously go look up the guys work. 

The tonality of „Misery Sequence“ is utmost gloomy. Same goes for the lyrics. Do you see music as an overpressure valve for dealing with abysmal emotions?

Marc: It’s hard to say in honesty but it is totally an expression of it as well as sometimes being an escape. It’s a way of emphasising an emotion and expressing that to others. Whether you can use it to deal with certain aspects of your life is unique to you but I can say for me it provides a release and lets me ignore the world for the time we spend playing these songs. 

One of the most remarkable tracks on „Misery Sequence“ is „Breathless“. How came the idea for giving your music a fragile female voice – and how was working with Toni Coe-Brooker? 

Marc: We have been throwing the idea around for years over a few records, but it just never really happened due to time constraints and never finding the right person. This time however we had mutual friends with Toni and have worked with her husband Tom a fair bit so when he mentioned she could sing but never really ventures into it too much we were interested to say the least.

We sent her a demo and she sent back some vocals and instantly it was set in stone. For someone who isn’t in a band or hasn’t had much exposure in that way over recent years her song writing skills in both patterns and melodies was perfect. We are glad we got to work with her and we hope as well as us having a beautiful track out of it, it gives her a little boost to get back up there and do something cool. I’d pay to watch her sing any day of the week!

„Misery Sequence“ was released via Beatdown Hardwear. How came the cooperation with Toni Grunert and his dedicated team?

Marc: We’ve kinda known Toni for a while just generally touring europe and having mutual friends, but when we were looking for labels this time around we jumped at the chance and so far we are stoked. Toni’s worked hard for this record and he seems to understand what we are going for which makes the relationship thrive. 

How have the reactions on „Misery Sequence“ been?

Marc: So far amazing. You never truly know how a record will go down, but I’ve yet to see much negative feedback. Jjust positive. So yeah, we are beyond happy. 

You’ve presented two very different video clips for „Misery Sequence“, one for the title track and one for „Slither“. Were you involved in the conception process – especially in regards of the former – and is shooting videos more fun or hard work?   

Marc: Yeah, we worked with Tom Cronin on the video and mixed ideas with his concept. It totally captures a lot of the visual element I feel that track gives off so it ended up spot on. It can be hard work, but compared to the full time day job it’s easy.

It’s always fun doing all the crazy scenes and playing new songs is getting me hyped right now so that part was beyond easy. „Slither“ was even easier as we just did our thing and played a killer show. Both videos were done by Tom Cronin and he killed them both!

You’ve toured many countries. Do you have cities and venues you like best?

Marc: It’s so hard to narrow down to be honest. We’ve been to a lot of amazing places and played some rad shows. As far as specifics, I love Vienna. I believe the venue there is called Arena (apologies if I’m wrong) and it’s always fun, chilled out and busy. 

What comes next for BRUTALITY WILL PREVAIL?

Marc: We have a short run from November 30th til December 8th culminating in our technical release show in our hometown. Tickets for all dates are on sale now! After that there’s a few things in talks but nothing to announce as of now. Just keep your eyes peeled!

Any last words you’d like to spread?

Marc: „Misery Sequence“ out now. Check it out everywhere you can find music. Thanks for your time! 

Marc – Drums

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