Interview mit All For Nothing (April 2014)

all-for-nothing-logoAnswered by Cindy (C) and Ernst (E)

Although I’m pretty sure that most fans of Punk and Hardcore have heard of ALL FOR NOTHING before, please introduce the band and its members for starters.

C: Hello! We have Cindy (me) on vocals, Arjan & Ernst on guitar, Jim on drums and Joost on bass.

It seems like a big year for you with the release of your fourth album „What Lies Within Us“ and the upcoming world tour. What countries are you visiting and what are your expectations of the next few months?

C: We are doing China and a big part of Europe. Trying to go to the UK for the first time and we have plans for the rest of the world, but nothing concrete yet. We expect a lot of good times and hangouts. Some singalongs and stage dives.

You are hitting the roads in China as well. Tours in Asia seem to be a special honour for European bands. How do you feel about this?

C: Asia is truly amazing. The countries and people in general are cool to visit. The shows are cool in a different way then European shows. I wouldn’t say better or worse, just different. Asian people seem to experience live music in a different way than European kids. A lot of passion for the hardcore movement.

Other than Japan or South Korea the (so-called) people‘s republic of China is a communist driven repressive system. Do you feel like missionaries spreading the good word of freedom of speech and self determination?

E: To be honest, I have no idea what to expect. We are going to play for hardcore kids mostly and (like anywhere in the world) I guess HxC are mostly well aware of the situation in their country. So I don’t know if we are telling them anything new. We’d love to speak out about it. But the language barrier might be a problem at some places. We’ll see it when we get there.

The face to face interaction is something we really look forward to. We have some Chinese kids on social media, but Facebook, Youtube etc. are still blocked. So getting a sense of what the „vibe“ is, is actually pretty hard.

Regarding birth all-for-nothing-bandcontrol and mariarchy, is it more exciting to play in China as a female fronted Hardcore band?

E: Good question… and like the previous one: I think we’re just going to find out.

C: The general society and the hardcore community might be worlds apart from each other. Which is interesting as it is by itself. We played muslim countries in the past. And although those countries have laws and customs that are far away from our European ones, the hardcore kids seem to have have build values of their own. Cool thing to see is that Christian, Jewish, Muslim or whatever kids are united in music. I hope to experience the same in China.

Is there an overall message you would like to transport with your music?

C: Positivity towards life. The courage and power to overcome any obstacles in your way towards your dreams.

Let’s get back to „What Lies Within Us“. What can you tell us about the working process on your latest output?

E: We did a lot of pre-production for it compared to our previous albums. Because we have a new line up the writing experience became more a team effort now.

What’s most noticeable about the record in my opinion is the positive notion of songs like „Luctor et Emergo“, which quite differs from the dark and gloomy tone of many contemporary Hardcore bands. Is it harder to stay positive these days instead of painting everything black?

E: Yes it is. But that is one of the reasons this album is different than our previous ones. We really focussed on the positive side of things, without denying the negative. You know what I mean?

It would be insane to say „Everybody must be posi 24 hours a day“. It’s impossible. (Modern) Life is too complicated for that. Putting the focus on the positive side makes the hard parts of life a bit easier to digest.

With what general all-for-nothing-what-lies-within-ustopics are your lyrics dealing with?

C: Life in general The good and bad. The highs and lows.

Where do you see the biggest differences between „What Lies Within Us“ and your previous records? 

C: Listening back to it I think we really grew as musicians by taking more time to write it.

Which bands or artists have inspired you writing the songs that can be heard on „What Lies Within Us“?

E: I personally am more inspired by the vibe and caracter of bands than the music that they play.

I don’t pay attention to styles or anything. If something resonates with me It becomes an inspiration.

I guess there’s nothing more than to wish you the time of your life on the upcoming tour and all the best with the release of „What Lies Within Us“ – you surely deserve it! Do you have any last words you would like to address to our readers?

C: Thank you so much. We hope to see everybody at one of our shows. The coolest part of hardcore to us is the interaction with people: Come swing by we always love to meet new faces. HARDCORE LIVES!

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