Burning Heart Records signen Booze & Glory

booze-and-glory-band-2016Die klassische Schweden-Punk-Schmiede Burning Heart Records meldete sich mit den jüngsten Outputs von BOMBSHELL ROCKS und TERRA durchaus eindrucksvoll zurück. Wie das Label bekannt gab, zählen nun auch die Londoner Street-Punks BOOZE & GLORY zur Band-Familie.

Das offizielle Statement der Burning Heart-Verantwortlichen lautet wie folgt:

True to our roots, and happy to be back where we belong, we hereby present a great growing and ambitious street/punkband to join the roster.

BOOZE & GLORY is in fact the second ‚Hammers‘ band on Burning Heart – so must be something special about COYI and London!!I It’s pretty funny that the band actually recorded a song called „Back Where We Belong“ together with Mickey Fitz (The Business, ex-Burning Heart band). With that heartfelt and powerful slogan in mind we happily welcome these very international Londoners to the Burning Heart roster. 

The Booze & Glory boys are currently touring the West Coast in the USA, and will soon also head over Southamerica. A few other festivals this summer will follow, including REBELLION (UK) and Back To The Future.

The band recently released a couple of new songs („Blood From A Stone“ and „Carry On“) that in a great way shows a bit of the the direction they are heading. Summer and autumn will now, apart from a few festivalapperances be spent writing and laying down songs for a new album to come out on Burning Heart early 2017.“

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